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  • Do you plan on using Instagram to promote your business to a wider audience? Instagram’s learning curve isn’t too steep. Create an account, upload a profile picture (logo, etc.), and point it at your website. Then, link your account to Facebook and inform your fans that you’re also on the social media platform. Making your […]

  • The growth of audiences on Instagram is increasing daily, with nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users. Due to the higher audience engagement, Instagram has become an excellent platform for influencers to help brands and businesses expand their growth. Since influencers produce authentic content, most brands combine with them to promote their business among wider audiences. […]

  • We all know that video marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to grow their online presence. Since Instagram is a trending video-sharing platform is a perfect place to grow your business and reach a potential audience. If you are a beginner, you are lucky because Instagram has introduced its new feature, Instagram reels.  Instagram […]