Stumped for ideas for your next trending TikTok video? The popularity of TikTok has spread over the world. It has everything from dance tutorials to cooking guides to amusing lip syncs and skits to actual stunt films. In addition, after you start watching a few clips, you won’t be able to stop.

Use a storyboard to streamline the process of making a TikTok film, whether you’re trying to replicate an existing video or starting from scratch.

Learn more about how a storyboard can help you make better TikTok videos in the next paragraphs.


Storyboarding is the process of outlining a video’s plot in a series of images or rough sketches used in pre-production and planning. Shot lists, camera sequences, camera angles, and sonic effects are all standard components of any rough draught.

Do you think TikTok video makers should use storyboards?

If this is your first time making a TikTok video, a storyboard will help you get it just right. You won’t need a storyboard until you’ve made a few films in a variety of TikTok styles using the same outline. Except, of course, if you want it that way. Videos on TikTok aren’t necessarily professionally edited, and the programme encourages users to share anything they want.

How much time do you need to develop and produce a TikTok video?

Making movies on TikTok can take some time to get used to if you’re just starting out. Because of this, a storyboard will be a helpful tool for moving things along quickly. Your first TikTok video will take as long as it takes you to conceptualise, film, edit, and upload it. Thankfully, TikTok videos don’t need extensive post-production work like editing or VFX.

Clipchamp is a free online video editor that will make editing your first TikTok video a breeze. Using a premade TikTok video template is a great option if you’re having problems getting started.

A primer on the basics of video production on the social media platform TikTok

Creating a video for TikTok is typically a lighthearted, quick endeavour that requires nothing in the way of advanced preparation. Nevertheless, if you want to make a real impact with your TikTok films, check out our storyboard template down below. The TikTok app also allows users to save numerous versions of their video draughts.

First decide on a genre for their TikTok video

Consider what kind of TikTok video you want to make before beginning to sketch out a storyboard. Check out these popular videos on TikTok for some ideas, or read on for four more ways to use the app. Videos, music, and hash tags that are currently popular can all be searched for.

Draft a script

TikTok videos that will use a voice-over or text-to-speech function should have the script for the voiceover or text-to-speech portion written out ahead of time. First, you need to think about the topic of your TikTok tale and the information you want to convey. Think on the tone of the video, the images you’ll use, the cuts and transitions, and the effects you’ll add.

Sketch out your TikTok animation using a template

Put down what you’re doing and draw a bunch of rectangles on a piece of paper. You can use this as a starting point for your storyboard. Don’t forget to include a line or two under each box for notes.

Incorporate your script into the preexisting TikTok storyboard format

Fill out the boxes with your script. Doing this action will greatly facilitate the creation of the storyboard outline.

Sketch your stick figures in rough form

It’s time to give form to the words in your script. Quickly draw some stick figures to represent the characters and the events that will occur in each scenario.

Integrate camera vantage points and other recording specifics

Then, under each storyboard box, specify the camera and recording details. You should describe the various sorts of shots you used, as well as any special effects, camera moves, sound effects, and camera angles. You can specify what kind of camera is required, such as a smartphone, gimbal, stabiliser, etc.

Four Popular Formats for TikTok Videos

TikTok, a mobile app for sharing videos, has been downloaded over 2 billion times. Nevertheless, if you’re just getting started with TikTok, you might be at a loss for what to film. It can be daunting to wade through the ocean of TikTok videos, so we made a list.

Videos posted to TikTok that are seen to be challenges

TikTok has seen massive growth because to the introduction of challenge videos. They’re fun to watch, simple to create, and have the potential to spread rapidly online. TikTok has every kind of task imaginable, from the well-known Ice Bucket Challenge to branded challenges like the #PepsoCanBalance.

Popular audio clips on TikTok

Videos on TikTok often feature popular music at the time. Users can remix the sounds of other users’ videos that have been uploaded to TikTok. Lip-syncing works wonderfully in this type of video.
TikTok videos with the most popular hashtags

Famous hashtags can be researched by creators, who can subsequently base their own work on those terms. Hashtags are a terrific way to get to know the TikTok community and organise your videos, much like they are on Twitter and Instagram.

TikTok vlogs with voiceovers

In the same way that YouTubers create their own unique vlogs, TikTok users are also developing their own distinct forms of vlogging. Just filming brief vignettes of your day and splicing in some voiceover or stock music makes for a quick and simple video.

Final Thoughts

Create a storyline to elevate your TikTok videos to the next level

Get started making popular videos for TikTok by using a storyboard template.

You may either shoot videos within the app or make them in your browser and then transfer them over.