For What Reasons Should You Think About Using TikTok?

The rapid development of TikTok is remarkable for a variety of reasons. To begin, it was the first big social media platform to emerge in China before becoming global. The purchase of at the end of 2017 sped up their growth plans.

This results in a very diversified and global user base for the site. If you browse TikTok for more than a few minutes, you will undoubtedly come across videos created by users from a wide variety of nations and speaking a wide variety of languages. The majority of the audience is likewise under the age of 30.

From the beginning of 2018 to the middle of 2019, the most downloaded app on the iOS App Store was TikTok. That’s five full quarters in a row.

The NBA has had even greater success from using TikTok than ESPN has. They’ve got over 5.5 million listeners and 79 million fans. Whoever manages their account does a fantastic job of keeping things interesting by posting a wide range of stuff, from basketball highlights to fan highlight videos.

Teams in the NBA often have their own social media presences. Benny the Bull, mascot of the Chicago Bulls, has his own account, taking things to a whole new level. Benny’s TikTok fanbase far outnumbers his Instagram one.

TikTok Should Be On Your Mobile Device, No. 1

TikTok’s product team has made it simple to distribute videos to other platforms, whereas many other social networking sites prevent users from downloading the films of others. The default settings allow others to share your watermarked content on other social media sites and group messaging services, as well as download the full GIF or video version of your content. This method ensures that the message spreads in a natural, unforced fashion.

When you initially log onto TikTok, you’ll be sent to the For You stream, where the company’s AI has ranked the videos according on how likely they are to appeal to you. TikTok’s intelligent recommendations are part of what makes the app so entertaining and hard to put down. TikTok videos of animals alone are reason enough to download this app.

The Second Step: Make Your First TikTok Video

TikTok’s publishing options are robust and user-friendly; if you’ve ever shared a story on Snapchat or Instagram, you’ll feel right at home with them.

One can choose between making a 15-second or a 60-second movie on the upload screen. You have the option of either uploading a previously recorded video or making a new one on the spot. TikTok gives you the freedom to alter the tempo, apply filters, and share your creations with the world.

TikTok is also the only app where users may create duets in the React mode. If you want to record a voiceover at the same time as your video, you can do so. This strategy, which works especially well with dancing challenges, can get more people interested in your videos.

Tip #3: Get Ideas from These Real-World Applications of TikTok

Musicians, sports teams, and educational institutions are just a few of the companies who are experimenting with innovative uses of TikTok. They often get more views and comments on their videos than on their regular Instagram postings.


Is it a good idea for your business to have a presence on TikTok? As it’s the most rapidly expanding social media platform, it’s a reasonable question that more companies should be asking. The aforementioned are only a sampling of the innovative ways that some well-known organisations are utilising TikTok.