Your site’s credibility will increase once you start getting backlinks. Which will help improve your search engine results.

Yet, you need to prioritize excellence in your backlink strategy. rather than a large number. Therefore, you need to employ efficient link development strategies to identify appropriate backlink prospects. In addition to having success.

To find out eight of our preferred link-building strategies for the year 2023, please continue reading.

To reach out to others

Outreach entails making contact with pertinent websites and politely requesting a link exchange. Link building tactics typically include some form of outreach.

If you want others to link to your material, you need to convince them to do so.

Check yourself by asking:

Explain what sets your material apart.

Can you tell me whether this is something new? In-depth? Current information?

Get very specific in your proposal

As the success of your outreach efforts may depend on getting people to connect to you, it’s important to provide them with compelling reasons to do so.

Don’t know who to contact? Make use of Semrush’s Link Building Tool to research possible clients and coordinate your link-building strategy.

The first step is to select the “+ Create project” button.
To begin, please provide your domain name and the name of your project.

Revisit the “Create project” button.

Follow up with a set of keywords

The keywords should be relevant to the sites you’re promoting.

In order to promote your weight loss guide, let’s say you want to get links to it.

Weight loss methods, weight loss, how to lose weight, etc., are all possible keyword combinations.
Select “Competitors” from the drop-down menu after entering keywords.
Add the rivals whose rankings you wish to improve upon. If your competitors have yet to be identified, we recommend reading our guide on conducting competitor research.

Select ” start link building “
Repairing Weak Links
Find external links that are broken on other websites and provide a working link to them from your own.

This is effective since broken links are a major source of frustration for site visitors. That’s why no one wants them to visit their page.

Use Semrush’s Backlink Analytics to look for broken links on your rivals’ websites

  • Just enter the domain of your rival and hit “Analyze.”
  • Free-Floating Mentions of a Brand
  • Web pages that mention your company name but don’t include a link to your site are examples of unlinked brand mentions.
  • People who make specific references to your brand on the web often already know and like it. Therefore, they could be more inclined to provide a connection.

Use the Semrush app News Alerts to detect unlinked brand references.

  • Simply start out by clicking the “Get started” button.
  • Pick “New query” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the “Brand” tab.
  • Type in your company’s name here.
  • Next, decide on an alert format.

Choose “New mention alert” from the drop-down menu to be notified of unreferenced brand references.
Mentions of your brand can also be monitored for inbound links.

At last, limit your search by language and country.

Analysis of Competitors’ Backlinks

You may learn what kinds of content often receive the most backlinks in your market by analyzing the backlinks your competitors receive.

When they publish a list, do your rivals get connections to those posts? Instruction manuals? Writings expressing the author’s opinion? And if not, what is it?

Take this data and apply it to the development of content with a similar focus for your website. Also, ideally acquire additional links to your site .


A good source of high-quality backlinks is HARO (Help a Reporter Out).

With HARO, reporters can get in touch with professionals in their field. This is because the opinions of experts are frequently sought by journalists for their publications.

There is also a significant probability that they will include a link to your site if they cite you.

The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, and TIME are just some of the prestigious publications that use HARO.

That way, you can increase your odds of getting links from authoritative sources.

Sign up and register as a source on HARO’s website.

Digital public relations (PR)

Digital PR is a means of promoting a company’s products or services through digital channels to expand its online visibility.

It’s a big subject that includes various link building tactics we cover here, such as using HARO and making assets that are naturally linkable.

Additional instances of digital PR include:

  • Distribution of Company Press Releases to the Media
  • network-building with web-based media
  • Influencer marketing participation
  • Link building and online public relations work hand in hand.

Imagine your company had a newsworthy event. And you’d like the media to write about it.

You should issue a press release on the topic and contact writers at related publications.

Connectable Property

An asset that is “linkable” is content that, by its very nature, will result in the creation of more links.

These are some examples:

  • Infographics
  • Analysis of new data and conduct of experiments
  • Calculators
  • DIY Resources at No Cost
  • Exhaustive how-to manuals and guidelines
  • In a nutshell: interesting material inherently attracts links.

Invited Blog Posts

To “guest blog” means to create content for another blog or website and have it published there. It usually leads to a connection back to your site.

It’s still one of the best ways to get links. But there is an appropriate and an inappropriate way to guest post.

Guest posting is an effective way to gain more backlinks for your site with google standards.

Create meaningful content instead by teaming up with established names in your field.

Find Out What Works Best in Link Building Right Now

You may find plenty of SEO link building tactics online that will help you create excellent inbound connections. The following eight suggestions serve as a solid foundation.