The number of people using email throughout the world is expected to reach 4.3 billion in 2022, coming in at just under half of the world’s population. To conclude, the answer to the question “Should companies pass up the chance to put more emphasis on email marketing?” is no. The answer is an emphatic NO.

Our next step should be to formulate a plan of action. To wit: how can you get more people to join up for your email list and increase its size without resorting to more complicated means?

Brands should invest in their social media platform once they have used free list-building tools, created original email content pieces, offered discounts and free downloadables, asked current subscribers to share/forward the brand’s emails with a CTA button, and exhausted almost all creative techniques and list-building strategies.

Marketers can count on utilising a number of social media channels to amass additional email addresses due to the widespread use of social media as a primary inbound marketing tactic by both B2B and B2C businesses. Here are few methods that have been shown to work for using social media to grow your email list.

Let’s analyse this new difficulty and see what we can do about it.

Steps you may do to increase your email list using social media

Promoting downloadable content through social media postings

In 2005, when it first became popular, just 5% of adults in the United States were reportedly using social networking sites. Eighty-two percent or more of the current population of the United States uses at least one social networking site regularly. As a result, it is clear that the audience for this brand is very socially engaged, with a high level of engagement across many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The correct target demographic is essential for maximising brand value. those that have a disproportionate amount of influence on a certain system. The placement of the product itself, not the free things supplied to your existing or new followers, is what creates curiosity. The hook encourages readers to visit the company’s social media profile.

Infographics, ebooks, case studies, templates, films, quizzes, discounts, etc. might all fall under this category.
These are a variety of informative and interesting articles that aim to capture the attention of readers. Though patience is crucial, publishing frequently (at least once a day) on different channels is beneficial.
It will quickly cause your email list size to increase by 100%. It is important for brands to differentiate between the content they seek to promote and the platform they use. Keeping in mind to target those who have similar passions.

Add a call to action to your social media pages

Recent estimates put the total number of active social media users at at 4.55 billion; with over a million new users joining every day, this figure is only projected to grow. Promoting the brand’s newsletter as a call-to-action button on social network biographies or profiles is a simple recipe.

When used properly, the CTA button serves as the “real” landing page. Here, interested parties can sign up to receive email updates from the company. It is easy to understand and implement, and it persuades others to do the desired action. They should do so if they want to be added to the business’ subscriber database.

Create competitions and giveaways to run on the site

We’re hardwired to work more when we know we’ll be rewarded for it, and that’s why contests are so effective at getting people to sign up for a brand’s email list; they improve incentive, give validation, and, yes, promote competition.

Consider this case study, which found that, out of a total of 100 landing pages, the one that included a contest had a 700% increase in conversions. If organisations want to collect information about their current and potential customers through giveaways, they need to prioritise their email list platforms, promote those platforms across various social media channels, offer incentives for participants to spread the word about the giveaway, etc.

More high-quality subscribers, who may become your company’s target audience, can be attracted with the help of these methods. By taking into account the demographics of their target audience and the kind of people who would be most interested in the brand’s products and services, marketers may reduce the likelihood of receiving irrelevant entries and so increase the size of their potential customer base.

Advertise exclusive material that can only be accessible by giving up your email address

More often than not, we fail to appropriately utilise inbound and outbound strategies while promoting our material. It is essential for a company’s success that it attracts the proper consumers and turns them into buyers. Premium content provides a platform for showcasing the brand’s core values and beliefs.

Many different social media sites provide ideal real estate for businesses to carefully position information in order to attract the greatest number of potential customers. Content promotion in the form of webinars, case studies, tutorials, survey reports, training courses, etc., with a link to your lead capture form is more effective in reaching the proper audience.

Brands shouldn’t neglect the homepage of their websites as a lead capture tool, but instead should use daily social media updates to promote unique content pieces with call-to-action buttons and Pop-ins.

In addition to pique consumers’ curiosity, a lead article may be used as a teaser in your blogs, encouraging more in-depth interaction with the material. Brands may also employ external technologies to engage their target demographic with the material presented in their social media postings.