Online Videos

The technology and expertise to make videos are something you’ll need, but the bulk of the work is already done in the shape of your excellent content.

About 100 to 120 words may be gleaned from a minute of video. Depending on the quality of your production and how quickly you speak, you can squeeze about five minutes of video out of a single page of text.

Make a little video and upload it to SlideShare allows you to incorporate videos from YouTube into your presentations.

Use images and animation instead of talking heads if you’re making a video. Put your videos on YouTube, but drive traffic to the one you embed on your site.

Slideshows narrated by the presenter are a common video genre. You’ll need to make slides for the video, but you can reuse them elsewhere, like LinkedIn and SlideShare, or even on your own site as a stand-alone blog post.

In order to gain momentum, you should distribute the movie to your email list and post it on social media platforms. Videos should have a call to action that links to your website.

Draught a Presentation Slideshow

Make PowerPoint presentations from your material. Slides should have large, bright visuals. Limit each slide to a single concept or point and no more than 10 words. Brief paragraphs outlining your presentations’ points are possible.

Make sure SlideShare and Scribd have your presentation. These two sites are the most popular places to share presentations.

Distribute your slides online and educate your email list about them.

Include video in your SlideShare presentations.

Compose Statements for the Media

Create press releases and send them to the appropriate reporters. After they have had time to respond, release the information via public relations (PR) websites. Create a compelling press release by including specific details that

Concluding Remarks

The executive summary is a condensed and succinct preview of the main body of your work.

Make it in hopes that others would be intrigued enough by it to keep reading and learn more. If you want to make money off of the meat of your excellent content, you may use this. You can also use an executive summary as a teaser to get people interested in your lead magnet.

The executive summary should only be 1 or 2 pages long. The identical set of bullet points you developed for the movie may also be used for the slides. Keep the big reveals for the main body of fantastic material, and send people to a contact form.

Put it on SlideShare just like you would a set of slides. Spread the word via your newsletter and other online mediums. Consistent practise in writing improves performance across the board.

Visuals, Graphs, and Data Visualisations

Create eye-catching infographics, graphs, and other visuals with your text. Make use of visuals even if you’re simply giving a handful of crucial facts.

Images are simple to take in and share with others. Create an account on Flickr or another picture sharing site and upload your photos there. Get the best quality image you can. The photos may be converted to PDF format and shared via SlideShare and Scribd. Disseminate it via your social media and email networks.

Extracts: Boost the Size of Your Writing

Gather pertinent information from your material and explore it thoroughly. Almost every part has room to grow into its own paragraph or subdivision. Each item on this list, for instance, may be the subject of its own article.

Inquire about your visitors’ thoughts and feelings on certain topics and build from there. Make blog entries out of the fragments and share them on social media. A summary or digest of the excerpts can be sent to the subscribers in your email list.

Organise content-related events.

Create occasions for announcing outstanding stuff. The announcement event might be held in person or online. But don’t stop there; use as little of the available fabric as feasible.

Include potential customers and key opinion leaders on your invitation list. The goal is to get people talking to one another and enjoying themselves. If you play your cards well, your current customers can bring in more business for you.

Channels for Social Media

All references in this text to social networking platforms are intended for your use. Choose a few bookmarking, social networking, and news sites. Slideshow and picture hosting sites should be included.

Choose one that best fits your needs and those of your intended audience. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and many others might be among these outlets. However, don’t forget your website and blog!

If you want greater interaction from your audience, repost your best-performing content on social media and look for stuff that is comparable.


Please space out your material distribution. The process of adapting to the numerous mediums and file types might take many weeks. To maintain a steady rate of interest, prioritising payments is essential.

Each new section is intended to build upon and expand upon those that came before it. The objective is to broaden exposure and attract new visitors (potential customers).

Regularly Add New, Epic Content

Always keep your material fresh and up-to-date. You should expect a significant drop in traffic if your content often references dates from more than a few years ago.

Even if you’re covering topics that are still relevant and haven’t changed in years, your readers may nevertheless perceive your information as “outdated” and turn away. When atomizing material, it’s crucial to keep everything up to date.

Content Marketing in a Flash with the Content Grid [Infographic]

The marketing funnel’s three levels are analysed in the content grid, together with the prospect’s desired outcomes at each level. The grid has an extra dimension. Color-coded channels indicate the best places to disseminate each sort of material. View the content matrix.