Using social media to interact online is the way of the future. Now that you know this, you can focus on managing your business and getting your content to reach your audience.

Our weekly #MagnetMarketers Blab chats cover in-depth topics in digital marketing and last for 30 minutes or more. We discuss how often and what to publish to you social media accounts this week. The following is a synopsis of Jessika Philips and Mike Gingerich’s presentation.

Optimal engagement depends on a number of criteria, including the frequency and timing of posts, as well as the nature of the material itself. The so-called 10:4:1 rule will help you establish a routine for content curation and creation.

Updates Four Times Daily

The “10” in the 10:4:1 rule is the minimum number of times per day that you should update your social media accounts, while the “4” and “1” represent the maximum. Sure, four times may have seemed excessive, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t be publishing 800-word blog entries on social media. In fact, the less words you use, the better; repurpose material from your core blog and distribute it throughout your social networks, especially if you can link that material to breaking news.

Making sure your visitors notice your article is another reason you should publish at least four times a day. Analytics may help you determine the best time to post content in order to maximise exposure to your target audience as not everyone uses the internet at the same time.

The 10th question is: Where did it come from?

The 10:4:1 guideline states that you should include your viewpoint on industry blog material in 10 of every 14 postings. The meaning of this is unclear. You’ve planned out 14 social media updates that will be published at various times. Ten of these should be collected from other blogs and used as inspiration for your own, while the remaining four should be completely unique.

Whenever it comes to blogging, don’t be afraid to recycle old material in novel ways. Take the content from your blog and present it in a different medium, like an infographic, on any social media profile. Videos created on YouTube may even be shared on Facebook. Maintaining regular updates is key.

You may become an industry thought leader by keeping up with the leading blogs and learning what they are discussing. Increase your audience engagement by leaps and bounds by providing them with comparable information, but with your own unique spin on it.

One Last Thing: The Importance of the 1 inside the 10:4:1 Rule

Never ignore your moral obligation. Statistics reveal that the majority of the time, individuals won’t do something until they’re told to. This means that out of every 14 content pieces you produce, 10 should be curated from authoritative sites, 4 should be your own, and 1 should be a call to action. A simple landing page may be used to collect email addresses or promote file downloads.