Reels vs IGTV: What You Need to Know

Instagram launched Reels in August of 2020. IGTV launched in June of 2018. As Instagram strives to provide its users with more high-quality media material, how do you know when to use which feature? What are the benefits of using Reels rather than IGTV? We’ll walk over all of the essential details for your business in the sections below.

What are reels, and when should you use them?

Reels on Instagram is a video-sharing tool that allows users to share short video snippets. Instagram reels, considered quick video entertainment, with you being able to photograph on Instagram when listening to the music, applying filters, and splicing pieces together. You may get Instagram reels likes to increase the number of people who see your work. Just in case you’re wondering, the difference between Reels & Stories? Discoverability. Reels were visible to potential followers. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, usually are exclusively visible to your current followers. There will be more on this later!

The following categories of content work well with reels.

  • Short behind-the-scenes films and timelapse
  • In a Hurry: Tips & Tricks
  • A Straightforward Product Presentation
  • Something fun and comforting
  • A (Short) Guided Tour

It has quickly become acknowledged as a viable method for promoting the Instagram profile to more users, thanks to Instagram’s latest feature upgrade (making things easier for you, your followers, and potential followers to view Reels). So, if you’ve been thinking about using Reels, now is the best time to do so!

What exactly is IGTV, and when should you utilize it?

  • Long-form video segments shared on IGTV(Instagram TV). You’d utilize IGTV to post more detailed videos (the app). Because IGTV and Reels have comparable in-app editing features, you’ll need to use a separate video editing app on the phone or Desktop to make the clip stand apart. Using IGTV to create a series of Q&As/Interviews is an excellent illustration of its ability.
  • In-Depth Product Demonstration: Lives are being re-shared.
  • Storytelling is an art.

While the Instagram algorithm, Reels, may show your video to viewers, IGTV lacks the same quantity of in-app real estate. Even though IGTV video is available through the IGTV application, it does not boost account exposure. As a result, buy IGTV likes is the most excellent way to show off your current and new followers.

The Most Important Difference between IGTV and Reels Length

Each reel is 15 to 30 seconds long and up to 60 minutes on Instagram TV. Both are re-shared on your Instagram Feed & Stories. If you want to publish, both upload a cover image to match the style of your Feed.


At the moment, it just contains publicly visible information, such as likes, comments, and views.


Views, comments, shares, likes, and saves available.


Has in-app functions, but you may create Reels outside the app and then post them without using the app; the adaptable capabilities are mixed. 


In-app functionality is lacking on IGTV, forcing the usage of third-party editing tools.


Provides in-app real estate for daily users to learn about the business.


It is found in the IGTV app, albeit being “viral” on Instagram is more complicated.


It appears that Instagram is placing a high value on Reels. Reels’ ability to draw new fans has not decreased even though it has been available for almost six months. This change could be what you & your business need to get started with Reels!