TikTok is the new generation of platforms in town on social media platforms. And up until now reasonably, it was thought of as only a Gen-Z application. TikTok is growing more momentum outside of Gen-Z groups; advertisers are starting to construct its TikTok advertising approaches. 

And for the best reason, while you consider the application has got higher than 1.5 billion application downloads and raises 500 million active users every month. 

TikTok has started a count of advertising forms to support brands reach their followers on their platform. In this article, we can check the step-by-step methods for TikTok advertising.

TikTok Advertising:

TikTok is an ideal advertising opportunity for brands. Moreover, active user counts have already expanded Snapchat and Twitter. It’s also less drenched with ads than other social media networks, as it’s enough of new and comparatively well-known advertising options. 

In early 2019, TikTok released a beta version of the advertising networks. Massive brands like Apple Music and Nike have utilized TikTok advertising to enhance their products with unique and engaging ads. 

Advertising on TikTok provides special formats and focusing options that, while being used efficiently. It helps you access one of the several products and is more challenging to reach user communities. Gen-Z is TikTok promoting options that are not perfect for every company. 

How To Focus Followers For TikTok Advertising?

When your brand’s primary target audience is Gen-Z, TikTok advertising can prove to be the best investment. 66% of TikTok users are below 30, 41% are between 16 and 24. Furthermore, several TikTok videos are trending and similar to the younger niches, like high-school concepts, homework, and experiments.

Anyhow, it’s essential to remember that several social media network’s popularity first begins with younger users. Sometimes you need a long period to get popular on TikTok. In that case you can buy likes on TikTok to increase engagement rate organically and expand the growth of TikTok followers within the group. 

Statistics Of TikTok:

Based on venture capital firm Kleiner’s Perkins, TikTok users invested some time on an average of 52 minutes per day on the applications.

Another report by Prioridata and Statista assures the present market domination via the number of downloads. TikTok is presently leading to massive established applications like Facebook and Instagram. 

Based on the AppTopia Studies, engagement levels on the applications are not quite similar to other applications.

It’s essential to know this information to check if it’s worth including TikTok on your social media digital marketing methods. It will be based upon the final targets. 

Different Advertising Formats Of TikTok 

TikTok provides two primary overall forms for advertising on the applications. Let’s take a perfect look at which one would be perfect for your TikTok brand.

Biddable Ads:

TikTok’s biddable ads let you bid on ad slots within the social media network. These are the only self-servicing pattern ads presently prepared for advertisers. At the moment, bidding moment, bidding is created manually. It is not a programmatic advertising solution similar to Google Ads. 

Also, it lets you bid to place the video ads in the applications’ main feed. There are three types of pricing models.

CPM(Cost per mile)

CPV(Cost per view)

CPC(Cost per click)

You can also focus your ads by gender, age, and location. We can expect that there will be nature and likes focusing on chances shortly. You can also make customized audiences and blacklists. 

TikTok Ad Campaign Format:

TikTok also provides ad campaigns that reach beyond regular video ads. To use this format, you need to have a massive budget and work with a TikTok account manager. TikTok’s ad campaign chances are:

Brand Takeover:

The largest format ad that displays when the users enter into the applications. It is constrained to one of the advertisers per day. 

Hashtag challenges:

This ad campaign aims to trend user-generated content by posting a video with an unforgettable dance or challenges and motivating other users to take part in the challenges. It is a fascinating format based on the challenges that make the advertisement more subtle or direct as you make it.