PBN backlinks from high DA sites

Every website owner on the internet moves on to online marketing for growing their business to the next level. The extensive use of the internet makes every business invest in online marketing. So, regular website tracking is necessary to maintain sustainable growth in traffic and ranking. 

For getting a regular update in analyzing your website, the Google Analytics tool helps to achieve it. Google offers analytics tools for extremely free with engaging features to grow your website on the right path.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the free tool to track and analyze your website metrics and audience performance in your site. But how to access this free tool? Simple! Use your mail id and create a Google account to get the analytic software metric through the Google Analytics tool.

Once signing up, get the engagement metrics of your website to monitor and improve your performance. The below article provides you with some of the useful data that you get from the Google Analytics tool.

1. Get Your Site Demographics

The main metric that is not possible through manual analysis is to find your website demographics. But Google Analytics provides you the exact metric with valuable website information to grow your business for free. Find the following demographics of your audience for making engaging content.

  • Age: GA provides the age of audiences visiting your site. Using this metric, create strategies that attract these age groups.

  • Gender: Get the percentage of male and female visitors who visit your website. Create two versions of your website content to maintain the interest of both visitors.

  • Location: It is an interesting metric that gives information about the location of your website visitors. Use this to target audiences in the particular region.

  • Interest: It is the most amazing insight by Google Analytics. Know the interest of your visitors that helps to make attractive content suitable for your audiences.

2. Internal Site Search

Internal site search identifies the search queries of your website once they enter your website. Though it is a simple feature, it helps to know the search terms of your target audiences. You may use these search queries to fix your landing page.

A website can have many landing pages. But the customer will move on the specific page with a particular search term. So, identify the one and use it to optimize specific pages to convert your audience into customers.

3. Reduce Bounce Rate

Google Analytics shows the bounce rate metric of your website. A bounce rate is the most important factor that provides the data of your visitors who leave your website without performing any actions. 

Generally, a good website should have a lower bounce rate. To create engaging content with an increased number of internal links with perfect anchors to stay with your audiences on your site. You can also use attractive call-to-action buttons to get high-quality backlinks and reduce your bounce rate to a greater extent. 

4. Create Engaging Content

Good content attracts potential audiences to your website. Google Analytics identifies the pages on which your audiences show great interest on any of your website pages. Drive higher traffic by building PBN backlinks from high DA sites with your original and interesting content.

Use the metrics to prepare creative content on low-traffic pages and more improved content for the page already with higher traffic.

5. Find The Source Of Traffic

Google Analytics provides the metric from where your website gets the traffic. The website audit becomes interesting when you gain the traffic insights from the source, i.e., either through the website or from social media platforms.

Your content may remain the primary tool to increase your traffic growth. But to win the competition, promote your website content on all the social media channels to gain higher traffic to your website. 


Google Analytics provides the perfect insights to increase your website performance and gain higher traffic to your site. By focusing on the specific insight from Google Analytics, you can improve the number of visitors landing on your page. With that data, take your business to the top of your audience’s interest.