Because of its massive user base of over a billion people around the world right now, TikTok is impossible to ignore.

Despite only becoming available worldwide in August 2018, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms year on year and acts as a powerful advertising tool for businesses big and small.

It may be a novel form of advertising, but its many advantages will make mastering it a breeze. It may seem difficult to learn how to use TikTok for Business at first, but don’t worry!

Pick the appropriate TikTok ad format

There are many different ad formats available through the TikTok ads manager; choosing the one that best fits your campaign’s goals, budget, and ideal audience is essential.

Top View Ads — These ads will be displayed at the very top of the user’s feed and will be the first thing they see when they open the app. This total-screen mode can last anywhere from five to sixty seconds. According to TikTok, this format is 67% more successful in driving revenue than the competition.
Ads that appear within the user’s feed, or main scrolling page, typically sit between articles or other content that the user views regularly. They’re full screen, sound on, and blend in with the TikTok format.

Create a “TikTok challenge” that promotes your branded hashtag if you want to boost activity on the platform. These need more planning and money than in-feed ads, but they can be very effective in getting users to create content and raising brand awareness.
When you boost any of your organic posts with a paid Spark Ad, you’ll see a significant increase in engagement and visibility on TikTok, which is one of the app’s newest ad formats. They look and feel like regular TikTok content, but they link to your account, which is great for promoting your brand and gaining more followers. An influencer’s content can also be used to make a Spark Ad.
Image/Carousel Ads — These ads only appear in the TikTok NewsFeed apps and not in the native video format, but they can be a good choice if you already have Carousel Ads in play and are looking to expand your reach.
Second, plan your campaign’s goals with a long-term perspective.

Your first step after creating your TikTok for Business Account should be creating an advertising campaign. At least three goals should be available:

Get more views by directing your TikTok audience to your landing page

Increase number of people download your app. Conversion means getting people to take useful actions on your website.
You can choose a daily or lifetime limit and a budget (note that the minimum is usually $50), so plan ahead for TikTok advertising costs. To get to as many people as quickly as possible, a lifetime budget will be spent over a time period you choose. The goal of a daily budget is to make a steady incursion into your defined target market over the course of the allotted time, with the money being spent that day.

Where do you hope this advertisement will lead, and what is its primary purpose? Today is the day to hone in on your plan of attack.

Check the dimensions to ensure proper use

Your campaign, demographic, and ad group are all defined at this point. The first step in making a successful TikTok advertisement is ensuring that your idea is suitable for the platform. Here are some technical manuals to use as a reference:

  • 9:16 (1:1) (16:9) is the correct aspect ratio.
  • Picture size should be either 720 by 1280 pixels, 640 by 640 pixels, or 1280 by 720 pixels.
  • The duration of the video can be anywhere from 5-60 seconds, with 9-15 seconds being ideal.
  • It has a much tougher time spreading if it’s not full frame. Don’t bother working on content that won’t do well with the algorithm.
  • Creative Cover Art, at No. 4!

You can either select a cover frame that TikTok has already chosen for you or upload your own for a more personalised feel or branded effect. As you work to maintain some semblance of brand consistency across your videos, it’s a good idea to consider things like what fonts, colours, and type sizes work best for your brand.

To help users find the videos they’re interested in more quickly from your profile page, TikTok provides cover stickers that can be applied to each video.


A well-written social media ad prioritises readability above all else. Since the ads on TikTok are so condensed in length, you should double-check with a colleague, friend, or relative to make sure they understand the content before publishing it.

The app’s user interface makes it simple to verify both the correctness of your typography and the swiftness of your text overlay. Nobody is going to buy something if they can’t even read the name!

Use snappy, witty captions!

Consistent with the preceding piece of advice, make sure your captions are brief and to the point when creating a TikTok ad. Making the most of your 100 character limit is essential. Don’t use the caption box to make a long pitch; instead, use it to briefly explain your brand and how viewers can get involved. Put some character into it, or check out the successful brand ads featured on the TikTok for Business website for some ideas.