Instagram Reels are currently one of the most widely used kinds of social media. Instagram, seeing the success of a rival platform with an innovative content format (in this case, Snapchat’s Stories) decided to implement a comparable feature that its users would also enjoy.

While Instagram has always been a valuable tool for brands and marketers, the addition of Reels opens up even more possibilities. The format’s accessibility and discoverability make it a promising tool for marketers looking to quickly grow their fan bases.

Instagram reels: what are they?

Instagram Reels are full-screen, vertical videos that typically feature audio clips and transitional effects. You can compare them to the content of your news stream and the stories you read. They have a narrative structure and voice. However, similar to feed posts, Reels can have lengthy subtitles that readers can expand if they so desire. Users can interact with Reels by liking, sharing, and commenting. Likes, comments, and other forms of interaction with your target audience on Instagram are all boosted by using Instagram Reels. Having a larger following is a great bonus.

Always Be In The Know

If you make Reels about trending topics, they may become viral and get you more views. Learn from the past, evaluate the present, and shape the future. Content that is already popular has an easier and more common time going viral. Just add your own twist with the special design or content, and then let it go.

A Structure for Engaging Instagram Reels

If you want more views and likes on your Instagram videos, here’s the ideal framework for creating Instagram Reels:

  • In the first three seconds of your Reel, all you need is a great HOOK to stop their fingers. Introduce your topic right immediately and give your audience some background. Introduce your subject and give a preview of what they will learn using stickers and text. Use curiosity, fear of missing out, and other interest-gathering techniques to get their attention right away. The soundtrack and visual effects must be perfectly timed.
  • Second, if your Reel has a WOW! factor, the time to make people’s mouths drop is between seconds 4 and 6. In this segment, viewers determine whether or not to keep going with the show. To keep your listeners engaged, emphasise the most interesting aspects of your argument.
  • Add all the knowledge bombs, complete with music and sound effects, as the third phase. Do something useful for your readers. Advice, suggestions, insights, statistics, or resources are all examples.
  • In the last three to four seconds of the video, include a call to action. In the CTA, you should instruct your readers on what you’d like them to do.

The Ideal Hashtag Approach

You should develop a hashtag strategy to advertise your Reels on Instagram. With the right approach to using hashtags, your Reels can go viral on Instagram. Instagram may group your Reels based on the hashtags you use and show them to others they determine are likely to enjoy such content.

Timing Your Instagram Reels For Maximum Views

If you want more views and participation, stop uploading your Reels at odd hours. By learning more about them, you can determine the times of day when they are most likely to be using Instagram. The following is a simple schedule you can use to decide when to submit your Instagram Reels: Instagram users, head to your analytics and check for “most active times.” Now is the time to post, when interest is at its highest. Instagram users, head to your analytics and check for “most active times.” Now is the time to post, when interest is at its highest.

Increase Replay Capacity

The option to replay your Reel is what keeps people coming back to it. Make sure your Instagram Reels are so engaging or helpful that people can’t help but watch them multiple times. Every time someone watches one of your Reels, you get credit for one view.

Running A Competition For Instagram Reels

Reels can connect with anyone, anywhere on Instagram. It’s a great method to get the word out about an Instagram contest or giveaway. You can easily collect and save new leads from your rivals with this. You may use an Instagram Reel to promote your contest and instruct your followers to send you a direct message (DM) with a specific phrase, leave a comment on your post, or mention you in their story to enter.

Do Not Delete Your Reels

Due to the ever-lasting interest in your Reels, you should never remove them from the site. If you delete a Reel, all of your previous activity on that Reel will be erased. Unless absolutely required, you shouldn’t erase it.

9) Have people mention your reel in their own personal narratives.
You should urge your fans to share your Reels on their Instagram Stories if they enjoyed them. You’ll strengthen ties with that group, gain their support, and see increased participation as a result.

Present Your Team

This is especially helpful for start-ups and other small enterprises. In order to help their customers relate to their personnel, small firms might introduce them and highlight their individual qualities. People will realise that there is a family behind your company’s success.

Making Reels with your staff is a great way to show off the fun and creative environment your company provides. When customers perceive that you value them as individuals and treat them with respect, they will develop a much warmer attitude towards your company.