Before, Instagram only allowed square-formatted photos to be uploaded and shared. You shot an image, tweaked it in Photoshop, and published it online.

Such days, however, are long gone.

It all started with Instagram co-founder Adam Mosseri’s prediction that the platform’s new emphasis on video would cause a tidal wave of adoption.

This doesn’t necessarily spell the end for photography… Videos, however, will be superior.

Let’s take a better look at the final product.

Statement from Instagram’s CEO

The Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, has stated that the company would be shifting its focus from photos to videos in the near future. This was just a matter of weeks ago.

Simply put, video has such enormous potential for development at the moment that ignoring it might result in losing a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Instagram Highlights

They reach an enormous audience, generate phenomenal levels of interaction, and frequently spread like wildfire, making them an excellent tool for bringing your business to the attention of prospective new clients.


Instagram is now emphasising Reels over IGTV, although video views are on the rise.

The most compelling information can be buried in an IGTV video’s description.

A Real-Time Stream From Instagram

There are three key reasons why Instagram Live is so effective.

To begin, you’ll have almost all of your followers view your Instagram Live since you’ll be at the top of the “Instagram Stories menu” when you begin broadcasting.

Second, going live and interacting with your audience will allow you to create a strong connection with them.

Your fans may show their support for you as a creator/marketer by purchasing badges during your live broadcast. This is a great method to generate passive income from your livestreams.

You should test this out in the wild right now.

Discretionary Reflections

Instagram has recently begun heavily advertising the usage of videos, and if you decide to join in, you may reap some remarkable advantages.

Instagram is promoting Reels like crazy in an effort to compete with TikTok, so you can quickly reach hundreds of thousands of your ideal consumers without spending a dollar on advertising.

Since IGTV allows you to include links in the video’s description, it’s a great approach to increase clicks on your links and make more sales to your fans.

Now with Instagram Live you can generate money straight on the platform.

Instagram video should be an integral part of your content strategy immediately; else, you may come to deeply regret not doing so.