When did Instagram introduce the swipe up function?

It’s understandable if you feel like you’re losing out on some information regarding the latest upgrades to Instagram’s Stories linking tool, given how quickly new features are released. Stories swipe up links have been popular as a method to more freely connect to particular sites and more current bits of material, given that Instagram doesn’t offer much in the way of adding links to posts and your link in bio is best suited for top landing pages.

The majority of Instagram’s power users are likely still getting used to the new format, but when a swipe up link was added to a Story, viewers could reach the link without leaving the app by either tapping the arrow at the bottom of the screen or swiping up on the Story itself.

Instagram Story Link Best Practices

This is how you can access and utilise Instagram Stories’ link sticker feature.

Let’s talk about several ways you may use this new Instagram function to get more likes, comments, and follows.

Advertise blog entries and other stuff

Wish to spread the word about your latest blog post? Making a graphic and posting it on your Instagram Story is a fantastic method to increase your content’s social reach. Be aware of the Instagram Story dimensions before you start making any images for your story. It’s crucial to develop graphics within the correct parameters, as not all mobile devices have the same size.

Be careful to choose images that are appropriate for the blog’s subject matter and consistent with the brand’s aesthetic when making graphics for the blog. Using both a poll sticker and a link sticker, America’s Test Kitchen draws attention to recently published content in an effort to boost reader participation.

If you want your brand to stand out when people are mindlessly browsing through Instagram Stories, utilise fonts and colours that are consistent with the rest of your marketing materials.

Market your wares

Using the Instagram link sticker tool to advertise your goods is another smart move. Because of Instagram’s emphasis on visual content, you should promote your wares there by posting high-quality product shots alongside clickable links.

Sponsor online gatherings

Use the swipe up function to get people to sign up for your virtual event if you want a bigger turnout. You presumably already have some sort of advertising visuals for it, so post those to your Stories along with a link to the landing page where people can sign up.

Boost landing page use

It’s crucial to get your product or service landing page or informational landing page seen by as many people as possible.

Share video content

Sharing a link on your Instagram Story is a simple way to boost views for any new video you’ve uploaded, whether it’s to IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, or your website itself.

Advertise lead generators

Seeking to increase your email subscriber base? The Instagram Story link may also be used to promote lead magnets and email list sign-ups.

If you’d prefer not force people to click to a separate signup page, you might instead invest in Instagram Story advertising like the one seen below, which incorporates a simple signup form.

Improving the visibility of your Instagram Story links

If you want to maximise the number of people who click on the links in your Instagram Stories and visit your website or other promotional pages, you should keep a few things in mind.

Do not forget the call to action!

The first step is to have a clear next step in your Story. Users may be accustomed to the swipe up action, thus it doesn’t harm to attract additional attention to your link using visuals and style choices even though the link sticker is more noticeable.

Keep the Stories coming!

The more you post to a platform regularly, the more people will see your content and interact with it. If consumers often see your Stories, your content will be prioritised in their stream.

However, if you don’t publish any Stories for a while, you risk dropping out of their feed and losing any devoted followers or customers you may have gained.

It’s important to stay consistent with your Instagram Stories plan so you don’t lose your hard work and followers.

Get more views, likes, and purchases with Instagram Stories.

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