The app’s design encourages users to compare themselves to others, making it a potentially dangerous medium for teenagers. Meta found that one-third of teenage girls feel Instagram negatively affects their body image.

Instagram has a more detrimental effect on kids who are unhappy with their life.

Instagram’s developers recognise this and are working to implement a solution, one of which is a “nudge” button. Let’s explore what this brand-new function entails and what it can represent for advertisers.

The Functioning of Instagram’s Latest Feature, “Nudge”

According to studies, digital nudges on social media can make users more self-aware about their app usage, which can lead to less time spent on the applications and a more positive user experience.

Nudges help people be more careful about how much time they spend on social networking sites like Instagram, according to a survey taken by 58% of respondents.

By making it more challenging for kids to go too deeply into some potentially hazardous themes, such young females continually comparing themselves to the same three influencers, Instagram’s new nudge feature intends to capitalise on this strong study.

Instagram has also launched a new feature called “Take A Break,” which serves as a reminder that appears after a teen has spent a significant amount of time on the platform and provides suggestions for what they can do instead.

The nudge function is an excellent addition that will hopefully encourage kids to be more selective in their app usage and lessen their exposure to harmful information.

It’s worth noting that the function is effective regardless of the sort of website that a teen visits. According to Instagram’s Liza Crenshaw, who talked with The Verge, “the notification appears after reading on any topic for a number of consecutive posts, but what we include in the recommendations for what to change to avoids material which could be related to a beauty comparisons.”

This may affect the amount of time teenagers spend on the posts you make or promote your posts , but the more you strive to provide them with positive, wholesome material, the more likely they are to return to your postings deliberately.

These digital nudges will be most effective when used with companies who regularly provide material that is uplifting, positive, and useful. For example, young people all across the world may find motivation and ideas for making a difference on the Instagram account of

Instagram plans to aid young content creators by convening an Expert Steering Committee comprised of child psychology and digital literacy specialists. This group will recommend strategies for using language that promotes teens’ emotional health and positive self-image.

This new feature probably won’t have much of an effect on your business. When teenagers have spent too much time on one sort of information, the nudge function will prompt them to explore other options. It’s a positive start towards limiting the amount of time some teenagers spend on material focused on their physical appearance.