What is the status of your Instagram followers? Does it continue to grow, or do you find it difficult to attract new, high-quality followers and leads on Instagram? If that’s the case, try a different tactic! 

If you want more followers on Instagram, why not have a giveaway? The best approach to get millions of people to check out your Instagram page is to host a giveaway. It’s also the simplest method of getting in touch with your intended audience, building rapport with them, and raising awareness of your business. Keep reading this blog post for more information about Instagram contests.

Exactly what are Instagram Contests? 

Instagram contests are limited-time campaigns in which a brand offers a reward to one or more users who match the contest’s criteria.

What Are the Benefits of an Instagram Contest?
While there is no shortage of good reasons to host an Instagram giveaway, here are two to keep in mind:

Accumulate more fans on Instagram

Accumulate a larger number of reactions to a post or video. 
Both of these goals should be met by a successful Instagram giveaway. A highly shareable post’s primary objective is to boost exposure and impression sharing, with the acquisition of new Instagram followers serving as a secondary goal.

You’ll get more entries, more followers, more shares, and so on if you can get more people involved in your contest.

Do freebies really help you get more likes and followers?

Holding a giveaway on Instagram is a great method to attract new fans. Free goods is always popular, so of course people will sign up for your contest and follow your profile.

Furthermore, it will increase exposure to your brand and pique interest in your company. Instagram accounts who run competitions or give aways see 70% faster growth than those that don’t.

This plan has zero flaws. Neither dubious bots nor purchasing followers are required on Instagram. You’ll get REAL people that are interested in your business to follow you on Instagram.

Tips for a Successful Instagram Contest

Your Instagram contest can’t be made unless you’ve settled on the tools you’ll use, the reward you’ll offer, and the regulations you’ll go by. This allows you to quickly and easily create your freebie.

Let’s examine the best practises for a successful Instagram giveaway: 

  • Choosing a Reward is the First Step
  • Lay Out the Regulations for the Freebie
  • Decide on an Instagram giveaway tool. 
  • To get more Instagram followers
  • Promote your giveaway on Instagram. 
  • Pick a winner and let them know they won
  • Evaluate how your giveaway turned out

The upsides of holding freebies on Instagram:

Increase Interactions The Instagram algorithm thrives on interactions between users. Your Instagram post will reach more people if more people like it, save it, comment on it, and share it.

You are, in essence, hacking the system in order to gain favour with the algorithm. In order to increase engagement, stand out from the competition, and go to the top of customers’ feeds, you should ask your followers to comment, like, and share your articles.

Getting more people to follow you on social media or Instagram is easy when you give away freebies. If someone you follow shares your post, more people will be exposed to your business or profile; if the post offers a free reward, more people will join as well.

Brands always urge their fans to complete a few simple things in exchange for prizes, such as: 

  • Posting or sharing the video reel
  • Liked the page a lot
  • Multiple friend-tagging
  • Adding a comment to a post

Submitting a form on your website with contact information
Choose the most useful option for your company’s needs. 

 Creates trust and loyalty among your clientele

Getting people excited about a chance to win something is a great way to get them interested in and attached to a company. As an added bonus, engaging with your existing following through a giveaway may help you earn their trust and positively impact their purchasing decisions. 

Increase brand awareness

Having a giveaway to introduce a new product or service is a terrific way to generate buzz about your company. Make your product the prize in a contest if you want people to try it out and fall in love with it. Make your giveaway interesting and exciting, and more people will want to enter it, read your postings, and buy your wares.

Run giveaways

Promotional giveaways are a great method for businesses to boost website traffic. One method of participation may be for readers to click the post and be directed to a specific page on your website. Participants are likely to learn more about your business and its offerings as they explore your website in search of the giveaway credentials. A stronger presence in natural search results is the result.