IGTV Video: The Benefits Of Using It For Brands

Video is among the most helpful and efficient content forms for social media marketing. Cisco predicts that by 2019, around 80 percent of internet traffic will be in the form of video. And Instagram Stories’ popularity demonstrates how simple video creation & production have grown popular. Instagram Stories had more than double the user base of Snapchat, and that was after they launched in August 2018, when they had about 400 million active users.

That is compelling evidence that even micro-videos may have a significant impact in the realm of social media. However, are users interested in lengthy videos, and if not now, may they be in the long term?

IGTV video is a standalone application used in conjunction with Instagram. It’s essentially Instagram’s response to YouTube built for viewing long-form videos on mobile devices. Any user may create their channel & contribute up to an hour’s worth of video content. It’s up to the user or business to develop channel-specific content or tie it to existing Instagram videos.

Which Is Better, IGTV or YouTube?

Individual users and companies will profit from IGTV’s advantages over YouTube. For starters, there are no advertisements at this stage, which allows you to move forward with your visual content without pauses that may cause users to lose interest & switch channels.

IGTV is also optimized for mobile viewing, featuring vertical video clips that do not need viewers to rotate their phones horizontally to see. Not only is it suited for mobile viewing, but it also enables users to post movies via their phones effortlessly.

Snapchat has previously popularised vertical videos. Many viewers, particularly the younger generation who grew up with platforms like Snapchat, would likely appreciate that extra small element, even if they are unaware of it.

Guidelines To Utilize IGTV Video in your Marketing Campaign

Establishing Your Channel

After deciding to utilize IGTV, the next step is to obtain the application and configure it to meet your specific needs. Then, by clicking the gear icon (“Settings”), you may establish a channel.

Begin Uploading

Once you’ve configured the app and customized your bio, the uploading process is relatively straightforward. Bear in mind that you cannot shoot video as quickly as you can and on Instagram or Stories. It offers some advantages and disadvantages. Generally, it’s similar to YouTube in that you may make a slew of videos and then edit and distribute them afterward when you have enough time.


If you’re already familiar with how to make use of hashtags on Instagram, you’re already familiar with how to use them on IGTV. Using them sparingly and including them in video descriptions helps grab audience attention and elevate your engagement rate to bring more IGTV views for your brand.


Don’t forget to examine your IGTV insights frequently to understand how your blogs are functioning and align them with your primary business objectives. Additionally, keep in mind that it is a new platform, so if the numbers are lower than expected, you might want to give some time.


IGTV is certainly worth testing out if you currently have a sizable Instagram following & your content is predominantly video-based. Remember that Instagram Stories are just temporary, but IGTV allows you to produce content that lasts. Thus, it indeed relies on the amount of value your business derives from a short vs. a lengthy film. Longer films result in higher engagement rates, which indicates that your brand has a greater chance of becoming ingrained in someone’s mind. Additionally, you have many opportunities on IGTV to produce and distribute innovative and instructive videos, which may offer your brand a whole new level of significance for a particular subset of people.