TikTok Engagement: How to Get More Views on TikTok

TikTok is the most amazing platform to create, edit and share your videos with the audience. Plenty of users use TikTok for promoting their business, and few people use it for entertainment or informative purposes. 

In this article assist you in getting more engagement for your TikTok videos. 

Let’s start! 

Important Tips for getting the best engagement:

  • Create unique and excellent content, use popular hashtags and incredible music as much as you can
  • Focus your audience on how to attract them, increase your chances to show up your videos on your For You Page
  • Participate in more challenges, collaborate with others and think creatively and implement while making videos. 

Below are the top ways to increase your TikTok views effectively:

Increasing TikTok views is the creator’s dream that starts with understanding what kind of video content the audience will love to view and spend watching on the platform.

#1: Produce Research Videos

Before making the video content, you should analyze whether it is a workout or not, which means people will love your content or not. By searching at which type of videos get a lot of views, you will have an idea to make your own.

Otherwise, if you have any hesitation for less followers in your TikTok, you may buy likes on TikTokfor your initial boost-up. 

While viewing a high number of views videos, you need to look for the below things:

  • Whether the content tells an informative story 
  • Whether your video increase attractive sound effects and music
  • Whether the TikTok user produced the challenging videos
  • How long your videos that short or long content
  • What kind of video content is educational, shocking, entertaining, and more, etc.  

#2: Importance of Hashtags

Learn the perfect way of adding hashtags in your captions. Hashtags will help you get more views, and the audience can easily find your content. So, you will add the hashtags in the 100-character caption area.

While studying hashtags following these tips to use:

  • Analyze the discover tab on TikTok and find the trending hashtags which are related to your content. 
  • Don’t use over generic hashtags such as #foryou, #foryoupage, #FYP, #tiktok. (it does not help to reach our more audience)
  • Check with broad hashtags like #marketing, #socialmedia, and more. 
  • Analyze niche hashtags and add them to your content. 

#3: Optimize Your TikTok Videos

Optimizing your content is a powerful way to increase your video views and get plenty of followers to your account. The TikTok algorithm will help you boost your videos that show up on the ForYouPage of many users if the audience watches the entire video or views it more often.

To support your viewers to view your TikTok videos, try searching with the following commitments:

  • Grasp the viewers quickly during the first few seconds of the video (like a teaser of the video)
  • Provoke curiosity about your brand, create suspense and share something only at the end of the video. 
  • Integrate suspense into your caption (Don’t forget to add captions)

#4: Collaborate with Others

Working with other TikTokers will help to get more views and increase your popularity. Audience reach can be taken much farther when various users can share and promote the same video.

You can work with other users following the below tips:

  • Looking in each other’s videos and tag each other’s username in the caption of the videos
  • Make a new hashtag to create a challenge together
  • Create a duet and become a familiar


Increasing high views for your videos is excellent quality and makes your profile adorable. Also, most people will engage with your content and reach your business worldwide.