With even a little social media investment, you may introduce your brand to thousands of potential new customers. (or no budget at all). Using Instagram “Influencers” is the answer. Instagram stars can make thousands from a single post, but it’s likely that you wouldn’t benefit from working with them. Finding the perfect influencers for your company in a sea of over 500 million Instagram accounts might seem like an insurmountable task. To start compiling reliable Instagram Influencer lists, consider the following questions:

How Big of an Audience Do You Hope to Attract?

A larger following is not always a better one. A more expensive but potentially credible brand introduction may be an influencer with one million or more followers. When selecting an influencer, aim for between 15,000 and 50,000 followers. Many of these influencers do not charge more than $200 per post and will even perform a sponsored article in exchange for a free product.
It’s not hard to find people worth following, but it helps to focus on a single industry at first when compiling your influencer lists. Connecting with other influential people helps them expand their sphere of influence. Find new accounts by seeing who your most influential followers are following.

How Active Are They In Response To Their Posts?

When choosing influencers, interaction is crucial. You should be careful to only engage with authentic Instagram profiles, given the ease with which fake accounts may “buy” followers. The number of followers doesn’t necessarily correlate with the amount of interaction an account receives. An account with 15,000 followers could expect about 1,000 likes every post, or an engagement rate of 3-5%.

Are Your Brand’s Values Congruent with Those of Their Target Market?

Take some time to read each account’s bio and a few captions. Check that their tone is consistent with your brand’s. Make sure the proper message is being conveyed as this account will soon be representing your brand. Check out what other kinds of sponsored articles they’ve done. You should leave if you see a lot of similar things on the market.
Accounts that consistently promote many competitors risk alienating their followers by posting inconsistently good ratings of those competitors. On the other side, you want to make sure that the other items they showcase are aimed at the same demographic. Everyone who uses Instagram has a “person behind an account” persona, which is a brand image.

How much faith do their fans put in them?

Do they consider this person more than simply a friend? Someone whose narrative they want to know more about, and whose advice they will take at face value. Genuine connection builders are the influences you’re looking for. A product recommendation from an influencer should have the same effect on a consumer as hearing “you should use Product A because it really helped with xyz” from a trusted friend. Examine the replies to postings on products made by influential people. Do they want to buy the goods or simply express gratitude for the referral? If that’s the case, you’ve found yourself a credible advocate.

Do They Use It for Promotion or Self-Expression?

Promotional content isn’t going to work with millennials. Followers want to think the account they’re following genuinely enjoys using the goods they’re promoting. Make sure the captions on their postings contain real, convincing endorsements. There should be about equal amounts of sponsored and unsponsored content on influencer accounts; in fact, the less sponsored content there is, the better.
However, Instagram Influencers may still be used to boost sales! Generate a discount code that will only work for that influencer. This manner, you can keep tabs on exactly which influencers were responsible for which purchases, and the influencer may utilise the code whenever someone expresses interest in trying the product in a remark.


Keep in mind that Instagram Influencers were made for branding as you begin your search for your brand influencer. Don’t expect to see results right away; instead, focus on building brand loyalty, brand recognition, and, eventually, sales. Consider some alternative uses for these promoted postings.

What do we propose? Inquire about obtaining the high-resolution image files and permission to use the photo in your own marketing materials. It’s cheaper (and more original) than employing a lifestyle-photographer to take pictures of your items, and many accounts will let you do it as part of their sponsored post charge.

With 500 million accounts, the potential for impact is practically limitless. If you can find the proper ones, expanding your company’s name recognition will be simple and inexpensive.