Author: Wayne Thompson

  • Introduction: There are two words you should be familiar with when discussing engagement metrics: reach and impressions. Determine who sees your material by its “reach.” Audience size refers to the amount of people who view your tweet, Instagram story, or Facebook event page. Suppose your ad has been seen 500 times across various social media […]

  • As such, social media platforms are now fundamental to every successful digital advertising campaign. Branding is an integral part of every successful marketing plan, and this includes social media marketing. What exactly is the process of social media branding? Exactly why Branding is so important to the success of a business. It’s important to define […]

  • Can You Improve Your Marketing Approach? As your firm expands in other areas, it might be easy to become complacent regarding marketing. Reevaluating a dormant marketing campaign may do a lot for your bottom line, whether you try updating your advertising approach on your own or hire a Google Ads firm to handle it for […]

  • Every website owner on the internet moves on to online marketing for growing their business to the next level. The extensive use of the internet makes every business invest in online marketing. So, regular website tracking is necessary to maintain sustainable growth in traffic and ranking.  For getting a regular update in analyzing your website, […]

  • The growth of audiences on Instagram is increasing daily, with nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users. Due to the higher audience engagement, Instagram has become an excellent platform for influencers to help brands and businesses expand their growth. Since influencers produce authentic content, most brands combine with them to promote their business among wider audiences. […]

  • TikTok is one of the most popular social media applications worldwide, with nearly one billion active users. As TikTok becomes a blast among users with lip-syncing and dance videos, brands and influencers have started to utilize the platform to grow their businesses. TikTok now offers enormous opportunities for influencers to blow up with many potential […]

  • We all know that video marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to grow their online presence. Since Instagram is a trending video-sharing platform is a perfect place to grow your business and reach a potential audience. If you are a beginner, you are lucky because Instagram has introduced its new feature, Instagram reels.  Instagram […]