likes for your IGTV videos

The growth of audiences on Instagram is increasing daily, with nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users. Due to the higher audience engagement, Instagram has become an excellent platform for influencers to help brands and businesses expand their growth. Since influencers produce authentic content, most brands combine with them to promote their business among wider audiences. Then, Instagram launched a new feature called IGTV (Instagram TV) that helps influencers to engage their potential audiences with long-form original content.

To know more about the IGTV that benefits influencer marketing, continue to read the following guide.

What Is IGTV?

IGTV (Instagram TV) is a long video platform on Instagram where both Android and iOs users can access the videos either within the application or through a separate IGTV app. The users post IGTV videos for either 15 seconds or can extend up to 60 minutes by providing a call-to-action on the captions that let audiences to the required page. You have an option to engage with the videos by hitting like and sharing the videos.

5 IGTV Features That Changes The Influencer Marketing

The IGTV feature on Instagram has become a strong competitor for other video marketing channels such as YouTube and Snapchat. Though these platforms are present, IGTV took influencers’ hearts to help marketers promote their products. Here are the IGTV features that lets influencers succeed:

#1. Long-Form Of Videos

The main benefit of the IGTV feature is that it allows users to create long-form videos. A verified Instagram account can post IGTV videos for about 60 minutes, whereas non-verified accounts can post IGTV videos for 10 minutes. Influencers take this as an excellent opportunity to engage audiences by sharing their thoughts more clearly. So, more users start to connect with the influencers because of their long-form of authentic content.

Using IGTV, influencers benefit businesses by boosting the conversion rate to 85% and associate with the brand by building strong relationships.

#2. Provide CTA

Instagram enables the call-to-action button on IGTV to enhance the user experience. The CTA on IGTV is similar to the swipe-up option on Instagram stories. For example, if an influencer wants to direct their audiences to a website or to a product page, the CTA button on the IGTV caption thus increases your website traffic. The brands partnering with influencers have different objectives. To achieve their target, influencers use the CTA button on IGTV to make it possible.

#3. Share Videos Directly

People on social media platforms tend to share videos on other sites to get more engagement from different audiences. Brands choose influencers on Instagram only when their account contains greater engagement compared to other accounts. When the potential audience watches influencers’ content and finds it more interesting, IGTV provides an excellent opportunity to share the particular video directly with another audience with the same interest. So, IGTV helps influencers to share their content directly to other platforms to gain higher engagement. If you want to become a famous influencer faster, decide to get likes for your IGTV videos delivered instantly from authentic providers

#4. Enable Auto-Play Option

Instagram contains the auto-play option on IGTV that plays your videos automatically when a user visits your channel. Video from other following accounts will also play when enabling the feature. This feature has become great for influencers who frequently post on IGTV. If users need to pause and resume the video, it can be easily done by just tapping the video and also continuing from the leftover place. 

#5. Creator Channel

IGTV provided the creator channel with the option to link with your Instagram account. Instagram displays a link above your profile when influencers post IGTV videos about your brand. As a result, you can group all your IGTV videos from influencers to the creator channels that help to find a particular video.  Without downloading any application for IGTV videos, the creator channel helps to get views and engagement for the videos from influencers.

Wrapping Up

Influencers are great for brands to increase their awareness and market their product to wider audiences. So, influencers choose Instagram to increase their engagement rate by publishing long videos. Get through the above tips and enhance your influencer account to make a user decide to buy the product.