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7 Instagram Myths to Avoid Starting Today!

Nearly 48.8 percent of brands are active on Instagram at all times. However, the majority of firms have struggled to execute Instagram marketing tactics flawlessly. The reason for this is that various Myths surround Instagram but are also causing some concern among businesses, particularly when Instagram is utilized,mnb vcxv for marketing objectives. The following is a collection of frequently held Instagram misconceptions that have been debunked.

Myth 1: Using several hashtags makes you appear spammy

Hashtags are unquestionably the most effective approach to ensure that potential clients discover your brand, services, and products. By utilising hashtags, you can increase your Instagram following. Instagram allows users to use at maximum 30 hashtags in their posts.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Customers are constantly utilising hashtags to locate firms of their choice, which is an excellent opportunity for you to grow your follower base. Additionally, you can buy Instagram likes monthly to increase your potential consumers’ faith in you. If you’re concerned that your post may get cluttered with hashtags, you can also include them in the comment box. This is also an effective method of assisting others in locating you.

Myth 2: Monitoring Instagram metrics is really difficult.

There was a time when analysing your Instagram account’s activity was tough, which is one of the primary reasons firms began depending on other analytics solutions. Instagram now features Instagram analytics, which makes it incredibly simple for Instagram company profiles to monitor their performance. They can even determine when their fans are active and make appropriate posts. Additionally, they can obtain detailed demographic information about their followers. Therefore, if you are just establishing your business, you must be on Instagram, change your personal profile to a business account, and collect all the necessary statistics for growth.

Myth 3: Receiving targeted traffic from Instagram is difficult.

This is another enormous fallacy that, without a doubt, demands refuting. However, you must keep in mind that you can simply include a link to your website in your Instagram profile. This is not to say that you cannot mention in your caption that you have posted the website’s link in your Instagram profile. You have had the option of updating this link if you wish to communicate something significant to your consumers. This is also an excellent time to consider any new product lines that you may have added to your website. Additionally, you can direct the URL to any website you choose. Also, strong call-to-actions inside the Instagram biography will compel users to click on the link without hesitation.

Myth 4: Your clients do not use Instagram.

Even after so many years, one persistent fallacy about Instagram is that users are not present.

The issue is that Instagram does have one of the largest following bases, making it difficult for new businesses to attract followers. The majority of new businesses believe that because of Instagram’s massive following base, it’s tough for prospective customers to find any particular brand or business. This is not true, as potential clients are continually on the lookout for anything, regardless of whether the firm is new or established. It is up to the firm to focus on attracting them. You must ensure that you have effective marketing tactics in place to attract people to your new firm. You cannot anticipate your company account on Instagram to gain one million followers in a week; nevertheless, if you work diligently, you can build your follower base quickly.

Myth 5: You are the exclusive owner of your branded hashtag.

There is a fallacy that your brand hashtag is your privately owned property and that it cannot be used without your consent, allowing you to sue other accounts that use your branded hashtag.

The truth is that you do not own your content on social media – anything you post on Instagram would become the website’s property, since there is no such thing as hashtag ownership.

Any Instagram user can use any hashtag, including ones you create and connect with your brand. While trademarking a hashtag is conceivable, you cannot stop others from using it; in fact, you want them to.

Myth 6: Your product is far too dull for the visual medium to handle.

Indeed, firms who are successful on Instagram are continuously sharing visually attractive images. However, you must understand that you do not have to be a member of a glamorous industry to succeed on Instagram. Instagram has a sizable user base that is interested in a variety of products and services. Even though your products or services are uninteresting, there is a segment of your consumer base that will appreciate them more than any other service or product. To ensure that you obtain recognition, you must concentrate on your prospective consumers. For instance, taking the audience on a behind-the-scenes tour or showcasing any firm asset might help potential buyers know that you are a trustworthy brand.

Myth 7: Only spontaneous posts are permitted on Instagram.

While there is no disputing that Instagram is an incredible platform for showcasing behind-the-scenes and spontaneous moments, this also demands planning and effective techniques. While it’s an excellent method to reveal behind-the-scenes and spontaneous events, success requires a well and careful planning strategy. This includes having high-quality photographs, posting at the appropriate times, and keeping the images consistent with your identity and messaging. Now that you’re aware of the truth behind some of the most prevalent Instagram misconceptions, you’re equipped with the knowledge necessary to develop and implement a successful strategy for your brand’s growth.

TikTok Advertising:5 Different Ads Types That Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

TikTok offers businesses or brands creative and exciting opportunities to increase engagement and get innovative for their business or brands. On this platform, you have a variety of ad formats. Each has its own specialties and benefits. Depending on your business needs and objectives, you can pick them. Remember, an effective campaign is crucial for grabbing user’s attention and boosting leads. Through customizing your ads and making use of suitable ad formats, you can receive good traction.

This article lets us know about TikTok ad formats to market your business effectively on TikTok.

#:1 In-Feed Ads 

In-feed ads are the usual ad format of TikTok; like regular TikTok videos, they will automatically display on your target audience’s “for you” page. This ad allows the users to show their interaction via likes, comment, share, follow and create videos within the same TikTok music.

Moreover, in-feed ads can be beneficial for different campaign goals and needs. It has an accessible CTA button that can bring traffic to your outside app downloads and landing pages to your TikTok account. If you want to maximize your audience viewing time, it’s best to create your ad to be 15 seconds in length. 

#:2 Top-View Ads

The primary purpose of top-view ads is to catch audience attention since it appears at the topmost of the audience’s “for you” page as soon as they open TikTok. You can create your ad for up to 1 minute, providing a great viewing experience without any competing content.

This ad is best for brands who want to increase brand awareness because you can get broad reach and many impressions. To get success on top-view ads, ensure your brand has created an engaging video that must drag your viewer till the end of the content.

#:3 Branded Hashtag Challenge

You all know that hashtags play a remarkable role in gaining exposure to your business and brands. Especially, hashtags on TikTok provide every business with great opportunities to stream with hashtag challenges. Branded hashtag challenge created to increase user-generated content creatively.

Branded hashtag challenge can divide into three blocks within the app. Like standard video ads, it will display in the in-feed section, motivating users to participate in the challenge. Second, it will get featured in the “discover page” that brings traffic to the hashtag challenge, which is the prominent placement for the challenge. Hashtag challenge bundles all types of video submissions, making it effortless for users to engage with other individuals and brands.

#:4 Branded Effects

Branded effects allow brands to develop their playful side and create clickable branded stickers, filters, and effects that users can use in their own video. In fact, you can buy TikTok comments to engage audiences by using branded effects and provide an excellent experience for users. Branded effects are similar to hashtag challenge, have a higher engagement rate, and result in your audience being immersed and involved in this ad format.

#:5 Brand Takeover

Brand takeover ads are similar to top-view ads, but they are full-screen static, which provides a significant visual impact that the audience first spots as soon as they open TikTok. Anyways users are not allowed to like or comment. These ads are similar to Youtube’s non-skippable, bumper ads.

Brand takeover ads are short, snappy, and hit the point, displaying 3 to 5 seconds long video. Using this ad, you can bring traffic to internal and external landing pages. It recommends using this ad with the other formats created by TikTok, which gives you a massive and broader reach.

Winding Up

TikTok provides brands or businesses a great way of interacting with their audience by assisting brands with audiences by multiple ad formats. These ads speak the TikTok language, effortlessly integrating with native content and giving maximum results. 

A Perfect Guide On How To Get A Useful Result For TikTok Advertising?

TikTok is the new generation of platforms in town on social media platforms. And up until now reasonably, it was thought of as only a Gen-Z application. TikTok is growing more momentum outside of Gen-Z groups; advertisers are starting to construct its TikTok advertising approaches. 

And for the best reason, while you consider the application has got higher than 1.5 billion application downloads and raises 500 million active users every month. 

TikTok has started a count of advertising forms to support brands reach their followers on their platform. In this article, we can check the step-by-step methods for TikTok advertising.

TikTok Advertising:

TikTok is an ideal advertising opportunity for brands. Moreover, active user counts have already expanded Snapchat and Twitter. It’s also less drenched with ads than other social media networks, as it’s enough of new and comparatively well-known advertising options. 

In early 2019, TikTok released a beta version of the advertising networks. Massive brands like Apple Music and Nike have utilized TikTok advertising to enhance their products with unique and engaging ads. 

Advertising on TikTok provides special formats and focusing options that, while being used efficiently. It helps you access one of the several products and is more challenging to reach user communities. Gen-Z is TikTok promoting options that are not perfect for every company. 

How To Focus Followers For TikTok Advertising?

When your brand’s primary target audience is Gen-Z, TikTok advertising can prove to be the best investment. 66% of TikTok users are below 30, 41% are between 16 and 24. Furthermore, several TikTok videos are trending and similar to the younger niches, like high-school concepts, homework, and experiments.

Anyhow, it’s essential to remember that several social media network’s popularity first begins with younger users. Sometimes you need a long period to get popular on TikTok. In that case you can buy likes on TikTok to increase engagement rate organically and expand the growth of TikTok followers within the group. 

Statistics Of TikTok:

Based on venture capital firm Kleiner’s Perkins, TikTok users invested some time on an average of 52 minutes per day on the applications.

Another report by Prioridata and Statista assures the present market domination via the number of downloads. TikTok is presently leading to massive established applications like Facebook and Instagram. 

Based on the AppTopia Studies, engagement levels on the applications are not quite similar to other applications.

It’s essential to know this information to check if it’s worth including TikTok on your social media digital marketing methods. It will be based upon the final targets. 

Different Advertising Formats Of TikTok 

TikTok provides two primary overall forms for advertising on the applications. Let’s take a perfect look at which one would be perfect for your TikTok brand.

Biddable Ads:

TikTok’s biddable ads let you bid on ad slots within the social media network. These are the only self-servicing pattern ads presently prepared for advertisers. At the moment, bidding moment, bidding is created manually. It is not a programmatic advertising solution similar to Google Ads. 

Also, it lets you bid to place the video ads in the applications’ main feed. There are three types of pricing models.

CPM(Cost per mile)

CPV(Cost per view)

CPC(Cost per click)

You can also focus your ads by gender, age, and location. We can expect that there will be nature and likes focusing on chances shortly. You can also make customized audiences and blacklists. 

TikTok Ad Campaign Format:

TikTok also provides ad campaigns that reach beyond regular video ads. To use this format, you need to have a massive budget and work with a TikTok account manager. TikTok’s ad campaign chances are:

Brand Takeover:

The largest format ad that displays when the users enter into the applications. It is constrained to one of the advertisers per day. 

Hashtag challenges:

This ad campaign aims to trend user-generated content by posting a video with an unforgettable dance or challenges and motivating other users to take part in the challenges. It is a fascinating format based on the challenges that make the advertisement more subtle or direct as you make it.